The following are links to download summary data for papers written within the centre, listed in reverse chronological order.

Robinson et al. 2015, Nature Genetics

Title: Population genetic differentiation of height and body mass index across Europe

  1. withinfam_summary_ht_bmi_release_March2016.tar.gz: within-family genome-wide association statistics from the sibling pair data generated using the QFAM approach in PLINK. Estimates are for HapMap3 SNPs, which passed QC thresholds of MAF>1%, HWE < 1x10-6, Imputation info score > 0.4. Columns are chromosome, SNP rs identity, the coded allele, the coded allele frequency, effect size, approximate standard error, and permutation p-value from 100,000 permutations.

Yang et al. 2015, Nature Genetics

Title: Estimation of genetic variance from imputed sequence variants reveals negligible missing heritability for human height and body mass index

  1. LDSCORE_release_July2015.tar.gz: per-SNP and per-segment LD scores calculated from 44,126 unrelated indivduals and ~17M imputed variants. Columns are SNP, per-SNP LD score, and per-segment LD score.
  2. GWAS_summary_release_July2015.tar.gz: GWAS summary data. Columns are SNP, the coded allele, effect size, and standard error.

Lloyd-Jones et al. 2017, American Journal of Human Genetics

Title: The Genetic Architecture of Gene Expression in Peripheral Blood

  1. See online web app to download a full set of summary statistics or download the Summary Mendelian Randomization binary format at SMR.