Journal Club

What: Complex Trait Genomics Journal Club for researchers in and around Brisbane

When: Every Tuesday lunch time at 11:30am-1pm

Where: Multi media room 3.141, Institute for Molecular Bioscience, St Lucia campus (building #80)

Instructions: Presenters create some slides and bring some cakes (sorry, it’s tradition).

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Mailing list: To subscribe to the mailing list, get in touch with Loic Yengo.

2017 Journal Club

Paper: Identification of methylation haplotype blocks aids in deconvolution of heterogeneous tissue sample and tumor tissue-of-origin mapping from plasma DNA Date: 1/8/17 Presenter: Futao Zhang Authors: Guo S., Diep D., Plongthongkum N., Fung H.L., Zhang K. and Zhang K.

Paper: Orthogonal Estimates of Variances for Additive, Dominance and Epistatic Effects in Populations Date: 25/7/17 Presenter: Yutao Li Authors: Vitezica Z.G., Legarra A., Toro M.A., Varona L.

Paper: An Expanded View of Complex Traits: From Polygenic to Omnigenic Date: 11/7/17 Presenter: Loic Yengo Authors: Boyle E.A., Yang L. I., Pritchard J.K.

Paper: Allele-specific expression reveals interactions between genetic variation and environment Date: 13/6/17 Presenter: Naomi Wray Authors: Knowles D.A. Davis J.R., Edgington H., Raj A., Favé M.J. et al.

Paper:  Selection for environmental variance of litter size in rabbits Date: 6/6/17 Presenter: Kathryn Kemper Authors: Blasco A., Martínez-Álvaro M., Garcia M.L., Ibáñez-Escriche N. and Argente M.J.

Paper: Polygenic transmission disequilibrium confirms that common and rare variation act additively to create risk for autism spectrum disorders Date: 30/5/17 Presenter: Julia Sidorenko Authors: Weiner D.J., Wigdor E.M., Ripke S., Walters R.K., Kosmicki J.A. et al.

Paper:  Dynamic role of trans Regulation of Gene Expression in Relation to Complex Traits Date: 23/5/17 Presenter: Jenny Pavlides Authors: Yao C., Joehanes R., Johnson A.D., Huant T., Liu C., et al.

Paper: MTAG: Multi-Trait Analysis of GWAS Date: 16/5/17 Presenter: Enda Byrne Authors: Turley P., Walters R.K., Maghzian O., Okbay A., Lee J.J., et al.

Paper: Prevalence and architecture of de nove mutations in developmental disorders Date: 9/5/17 Presenter: Jake Gratten Authors: McRae J.F., Clayton S., Fitzgerald T.W., Kaplanis J., Prigmore E., et al.

Paper: Integrating Gene Expression with Summary Association Statistics to Identify Genes Associated with 30 Complex Traits Date: 2/5/17 Presenter: Jian Zeng Authors: Mancuso N., Shi H., Goddard P., Kichaev G., Gusev A. and Pasaniuc B.

Paper: Weighting Strategies for Single-Step Genomic BLUP: An Iterative Approach for Accurate Calculation of GEBV and GWAS Date: 4/4/17 Presenter: Toni Reverter Authors: Zhang X., Lourenco D., Aguilar I., Legarra A. and Misztal I.

Paper: A method for identifying genetic heterogeneity within phenotypically defined disease subgroups Date: 28/3/17 Presenter: Loic Yengo Authors: Liley J., Todd J.A. and Wallace C.

Paper: Youthful Brains in Older Adults: Preserved Neuroanatomy in the Default Mode and Salience Networks Contributes to Youthful Memory in Superaging Date: 21/3/17 Presenter: Narelle Hansell Authors: Sun F.W., Stepanovic M.R., Andreano J., Barrett L.F., Touroutoglou A. and Dickerson B.C.

Paper: Detection of long repeat expansions from PCR-free whole-genome sequence data Date: 14/3/17 Presenter: Fleur Garton Authors: Dolzhenko E., van Vugt J.J.F.A., Shaw R.J., Bekritsky M.A., van Blitterswijk M. et al.

Paper: Rare and low-frequency coding variants alter human adult height. Date: 7/3/17 Presenter: Luke Lloyd-Jones Authors: Marouli E., Graff M., Medina-Gomez C., Lo K.S., Wood A.R., et al.