Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics

Monday 6 - Friday 17 February 2017


The Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics offers a series of two day modules, taught by international and Australian experts and is designed to introduce geneticists to modern methods of statistical analysis and to introduce statisticians to the statistical challenges posed by modern genetic data.

In addition to the teaching program, UQ will host two full days of Research presentations from the module instructors on Wednesday 8th and Wednesday 15th of February)

The research symposia is free to all SISG students, and is open the UQ community.


The modular nature of the Institute enables participants to design a program best suited to their backgrounds and interests. Participants can enrol in up to four (4) modules (one from each stream below):

Stream 1 Stream 2 Stream 3 Stream 4
Quantitative Genetics Mixed Models in Quantitative Genetics Genomic Prediction and Selection Statistical and Quantitative Genetics of Disease
Genetic Epidemiology & Mendelian Randomization Population Genetics Data Analysis Advanced (Human) Quantitative Genetics MCMC for Genetics
Association Mapping: GWAS & Sequencing Data QC & Analysis of Methylation Chip data Gene Expression and Methylation Profiling Network and Pathway Analysis of ‘Omics Data

Organisers: Peter Visscher (UQ*), Jian Yang (UQ), Naomi Wray (UQ), Bruce Weir (UW**)

Venue: St Lucia Campus, University of Queensland


*University of Queensland
**University of Washington