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Naomi Wray is co-director of the Centre of Neurogenetics and Statistical Genomics (CNSG) within the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) of the University of Queensland. She is a National Health and Medical Research Council Principal Research Fellow. Her research focusses on development of quantitative genetics and genomics methodology with application to psychiatric and neurological disorders.

CNSG comprises a critical mass of more than 20 post-doctoral researchers plus research assistants and students, all supported by external grant funding. CNSG is structured into five research themes: Complex Trait Genomics, Systems Genomics, Psychiatric Genomics, Motor Neurone Disease Genomics and Genomics of Cognitive Ageing. CNSG also hosts the QBI Bioinformatics core that provides services to the in-house sequencing facility.

Naomi’s early training was in quantitative genetics with application in livestock. She holds a BSc in Animal Science from the University of Edinburgh (1984), an MS in Animal Breeding and Statistics from Cornell (1986) and a PhD in Quantitative Genetics from the University of Edinburgh (1989). She moved to Australia in 2005 to join the Queensland Institute of Medical Research where she established and led the Psychiatric Genetics Laboratory and joined QBI in 2011. She held Australian Research Council ARC Future Fellowship (2010-2013).