Summary data of Yang et al. 2017 PNAS

Novel genetic signatures of high-altitude adaptation in Tibetans

1.  Analysis of 3,008 Tibetans and 7,287 non-Tibetan individuals of Eastern Asian ancestry on ~7.3M genotyped and imputed SNPs to detect genetic signals of natural selection.

    1.1 MLMA-LOCO: Tibetan_vs_EAS_MLMA_LOCO.tar.gz (in standard BOLT-LMM output format).

    1.2 Linear regression ("case-control" analysis in PLINK): Tibetan_vs_EAS_LinearReg.tar.gz (in standard PLINK --assoc output format).

    1.3 PBS: Tibetan_vs_EAS_PBS.tar.gz (columns are SNP and PBS value). See Figure S# for details of the PBS analysis.

    1.4 Fst: Tibetan_vs_EAS_Fst.tar.gz (in standard GCTA-Fst output format).

2. MLMA-LOCO analysis of two subsets (Table S#)

    2.1 MLMA-LOCO in subset 1 (2427 Tibetans vs. 5548 EAS): Tibetan_vs_EAS_MLMA_LOCO_subset1.tar.gz (in standard BOLT-LMM output format).

    2.2 MLMA-LOCO in subset 2 (581 Tibetans vs. 1,736 Han): Tibetan_vs_EAS_MLMA_LOCO_subset2.tar.gz (in standard BOLT-LMM output format).

3. MLMA-LOCO analysis of 150 Tibetan and 150 Han subjects on ~7.3M SNPs: Tibetan_vs_EAS_MLMA_LOCO_small_set.tar.gz (columns are SNP, Chromosome, bp and BOLT-LMM p-value).