Journal Club

Who: Researchers in and around Brisbane, plus interstate ring-ins.
What: Genetics and Genomics Journal Club
Where: via Zoom, and in person at Institute for Molecular Bioscience UQ
When: Most Tuesdays 11am-12pm

Journal Club is where one nominated person presents a paper of their choice. This is followed by some lively discussion and probing questions from the floor. It is an informal session aimed at helping to keep everyone up-to-date with the latest research and broaden our knowledge of genetics and genomics. Diversity of papers, perspectives and opinions is key to making this a fun weekly event.

Guidelines for presenters: Choose an original paper to present and explain; no reviews and not your own paper. Most people choose something recent and that is relevant to their work. Include in your presentation a slide on why you choose the paper you did. Presenters are not expected to understand everything about a paper and its ok to ask the audience for help. Probably best to assume your audience hasn’t read the paper.
Guidelines for participants: Read the paper, though see above. Speak up and ask questions, if you don’t know someone else if probably wondering the same thing. Interrupt if necessary, no such thing as a silly question!
Volunteer: Everyone (from all fields and levels) is encouraged to present, contact Kath.
Contact Dr Kathryn Kemper ( to get on the mailing list.

Examples from 2021 Journal Club include:

Title: Systematic single-variant and gene-based association testing of 3,700 phenotypes in 281,850 UK Biobank exomes
Authors: Karczewski et al.
Journal:  Medrxiv [Download]

Title: Mapping the human genetic architecture of COVID-19 by worldwide meta-analysis
Authors: The COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative, Andrea Ganna
Journal: medRxiv [Download]

Title: Low-coverage sequencing cost-effectively detects known and novel variation in underrepresented populations
Authors: Martin et al.
Journal: American Journal of Human Genetics, April 2021 [Download]

Title: Multi-Ancestry Meta-Analysis yields novel genetic discoveries and ancestry-specific associations
Authors: Turley, Martin et al.
Journal: bioRxiv [Download]

Title: Contribution of enhancer-driven and master-regulator genes to autoimmune disease revealed during functionally informed SNP-to-gene linking strategies
Authors: Dey, Gazal et al.
Journal: BioRxiv [Download]

Title: Temporal and genomic analysis of additive genetic variance in breeding programmes
Authors: Lara et al.
Journal: bioRxiv, August 2020 [Download]

Title: Leveraging fine-mapping and non-European training data to improve trans-ethnic polygenic risk scores
Authors: Weissbrod et al.
Journal: medRxiv, January 2021 [Download]

Title: Genetics of 35 blood and urine biomarkers in the UK Biobank
Authors: Sinnott-Armstrong et al.
Journal: Nature Genetics, January 2021 [Download]

Title: A reference map of potential determinants for the human serum metabolome
Authors: Bar, Korem, Weissbrod et al.
Journal: Nature, November 2020 [Download]

Title: Investigating the genetic architecture of noncognitive skills using GWAS-by-subtraction
Authors: Demange, Malanchini et al.
Journal: Nature Genetics, January 2021 [Download]