phD Recruitment


PCTG comprises over 15 post-doctoral researchers as well as a number of international visiting scientists; and collectively we have expertise in a wide range of fields relating to genetics, genomics, statistics, and programming. The student will join a large team of post-doctoral researchers who will provide day-to-day supervision and teaching of the specialised skill set used in quantitative genomics research.

There are a variety of projects available across our research themes that can be taylored to a suitable students research interests and academic skill-set. These include investigating the genetic architecture of psychiatric disorders, using gene-expression and DNA methylation data to understand disease aetiology and improve disease risk prediction, examining pleiotropy between diseases and investigating the reasons for differences in disease penetrance between the sexes.

Current projects can be found on the “Available Projects” tab on the below researchers pages;

Our philosophy for PhD projects is that the starting place should be well defined. This allows the student to quickly launch their education and gain skills. It is expected that within the three years of the PhD program the student will have the freedom to make decisions about the direction that their research will follow.


Please send enquiries to Allan McRae, providing your academic CV and a summary of your research interests. Suitable candidates will be paired with a potential supervisor(s) to engage in a discussion concerning the possibility of undertaking postgraduate studies in the Centre. This exchange is likely to involve an interview by Skype.

After you have received confirmation from a supervisor agreeing to be your proposed principal advisor, the next step is to express your interest in a PhD by completing an Expression of Interest form and providing:

  • Your academic CV
  • Academic transcripts
  • Degree award certificates
  • Two references
  • Proof of your English proficiency (if you are not a native speaker)

Enquiries can be received at any time. Start dates are throughout the year with the university allowing registrations commencing January 1, April 1, July 1 or October 1 each year.